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Vitamin C For Your Immunity with Natural Amla and Orange Peel Extract; Antioxidants rich with immunity support; 60 tablets

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1. Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins for immunity and it plays an important role in protecting against infections

2. Being an anti-oxidant, provides a protective shield to the body cells against the possible damage from free -radicals.

3. Maintains good health of connective tissue structures like joints, skin, gums etc.

4. Helps in producing body’s own collagen, thus promotes anti-ageing by improving skin elasticity.

Who can take this-

Those who are prone to frequent infections.

Those who are looking to improve their immunity

Those who want to slow down ageing.

Those who need added anti-oxidant protection.

In stock
In stock

-> Pure Nutrition Vitamin C with 1250 mg Natural Amla Extract and Orange peel extract is a perfect solution for your anti-oxidant needs and immunity blips. It gives you the optimal dose of Vitamin C along with the goodness of natural plant extracts.

1, Vitamin C

2, Amla Extract

3, Orange Peel Extract

Recommended usage-

1 tablet daily after breakfast.

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