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Evening Primrose Oil Source of Omega 6 Fatty acids for Better Hormonal Balance - 60 CAP
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The product helps to-

  •  EP is beneficial for the Hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body, especially during PMS and menopause. Unwanted tenderness in breasts, hot flushes, water retention, and mood swings, etc. can be controlled effectively with E P.
  • Adding an E P 500 mg capsule to the daily diet enhances the level of GLA ( omega 6 ) in the body which is conducive for the healing process.
  • Evening Primrose Oil also helps to control hair fall in men and women.
  • As evening primrose oil stimulates the production of GLA in the body, it increases the rate of fertility in the body.
  • As EPO is known for treating hormonal imbalances in the body, it in turn helps in reducing acne and eczema conditions on the face.


Ideal users:

  • Those women looking to keep hormonal balance.
  • Women around menopause and those having PMS
  • Those who are suffering from  skin & hair problems due to hormonal imbalance
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In stock

Product Features

Evening Primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of a wild flower named Oenothera biennis. which blooms in the evening, therefore, the name Evening Primrose Oil. The E P capsules  promise countless benefits.

Evening primrose oil 500 mg/liquid filled capsule

1 Capsule twice a day after meal or as directed by your Healthcare Professional

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