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Chitomax (Supports Fat Blocking & Fat Burning)

Chitomax is a fat blocker and fat burner that lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as uric acid levels.

In stock
In stock
  • Crab chitin fiber: This unique fat-absorbing fiber aids weight loss as it binds to negatively charged fats and cholesterol during the digestive process which restricts their absorption by the body.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract: The extract from this tropical fruit can help reduce weight by suppressing appetite.
  • L-carnitine helps fat burn by generating energy for the body from fat reserve and enhancing fat metabolism.
  • Chitosan Powder
  • Garcina Cambogia Extract
  • L-carnitine 

1 Capsule twice a day before meals or as suggested by your healthcare professional.

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