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Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (250 ml)

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“Virgin coconut oil (VCO)” is not new, its preparation and curative properties were known to Ayurvedic medicine practitioners of India 3 - 4 millennia ago. Pure Nutrition - ZHP Virgin Coconut Oil (500 ml) - ZHP VCO (Zero Heat Process) is a premium grade virgin coconut oil recommended for "raw" consumption. 

In stock
In stock

We manufacture instantaneous ZHP VCO using a superior Physical Cold Extraction Technology from fresh coconut milk. Premium Grade ZHP VCO is made with Zero Heat Process (ZHP) and in a carefully controlled environment using cold processing technology and fresh quality coconut cream from mature premium traditional coconut. Meticulous care is undertaken during processing to ensure high-grade premium oil which is suitable for raw consumption. We process in small batches with freshly harvested coconut (day old Grade A coconut) to ensure proper quality control. ZHP VCO has naturally occurring Vitamin E (alpha + gamma tocopherols), plant phenols and lauric acid (C12) + MCTs.

Pure, 100% Organic, Wet Milled, Coconut Oil

* Consume 1 tablespoon daily (in raw form) * Can be used for cooking * Can be used for topical application

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