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Life Mix (Enhanced Disease Resistance)

Pure Nutrition’s Life Mix contains a blend of ingredients, obtained from nutritious food products that are part of our routine diet. Life Mix helps to raise energy levels and strengthen immunity with its content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients. 

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 Phytosterols in the supplement will also help lower cholesterol levels, while providing increased protection from cancer. Benefits ● Enhanced energy levels as it is nutritionally dense, with a high content of essential nutrients ● Manage cholesterol levels with phytosterols ● Amino acids & phytonutrients promote better skin health

Greens Blend, Vegetable blend, Fruit blend, Fibre blend, Digestive enzymes, etc.

Mix 1 scoop (12gms ) in 1 glass (220 ml) of water or your favourite beverage on an empty stomach. For Best Results, Wait for at least 45 minutes before having any food.

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