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Combo Pack of Four Products - Glucosamine, Endojoint, Curcumin Plus, Bromelian Plus

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  •  May help conserve joint function and maintain mobility
  •  May help reduce pain and swelling in affected joints


  • BoswelliaSerrata Extract: Strong anti inflammatory properties. Boswellic acid, its main chemical constituent, can be used to block the production of enzymes in the body that cause inflammation.
  • Turmeric Extract (Curcumin): Clinical research indicates that the active ingredient Curcumin has unique antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiarthritis, anti-coagulant and anti-hyper cholesterolemic properties.
  • Green Tea Extract: The active green tea compounds EGCG and ECG can block the enzyme that destroys cartilage. Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants and is a natural COX-2 inhibitor.

Curcumin Plus

  • Reduce Oxidative Stress on Joint tissues
  • Anti-protozoal and Anti-bacterial activity
  • Anti-tumour and Anti-cancer activity
  • Hepatoprotective activity

Bromelian Plus

  • Bromelain Plus is meant specifically to improve digestive function and boost muscle and joint health.
  • Containing bromelain, an enzyme from pineapples, the supplement promotes healthy muscle and joint function, also boosting digestion.
  • With mucolytic and proteolytic properties, the supplement also relieves respiratory conditions like bronchitis and sinusitis.

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