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Omega 3 Cod Liver Fish Oil with Vitamin A and D3 Promote Vision; Heart and Brain health - 90 Softgels

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  • They provide the essential fatty acids EPA & DHA known to promote vision heart and brain health.
  • Unlike the other Omega 3 supplements, Cod liver oil is known to provide Vitamin A and Vitamin D3.
  • Vitamin A obtained from it is useful for skin health and maintaining good immunity
  • It is known to improve bone health by helping in Calcium absorption with its Vitamin D
  • Can be used as a preventive measure against bone disorders due to calcium and vitamin D deficiency

Who can take this-

  1. Those who want to improve their immunity
  2. Those who are looking to improve skin health
  3. Those who want to prevent problems associated with osteoporosis & weak bones
  4. Those looking to promote vision and brain health.

In stock
In stock

Cod liver oil is a very well known supplement used for past many decades for healthy immune and other benefits. It comes from the liver of the COD fishes.

Cod liver oil

1 soft gel twice a day after meals.

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