The Himalayas is one mysterious place. Untapped by human hands, they still hold numerous medical plants and herbs. Goji berry is one such wonder berry, and it is all set to be the next big wonder herb of the world!

It’s all in the Eye

There are some mysterious natural properties of Goji, which help in maintaining eyesight and if some studies are to be believed, they also help in improving retinal functions! They are also known to improve vision and offer an invisible anti-bacterial layer of protection against damage or infection.

Liver Protect

Goji berry also protects the liver and considerably helps in keeping up its resistance to damage with regular use after detoxifying it properly. Regular intake of some Goji berries will help you in maintaining your liver health to astonishing levels.


It contains almost all the vital Vitamins necessary for a healthy life. However, one must show some restraint, as too much consumption may lead to wastage, as our body is able to process limited amount of Vitamins.

Improve sex life

Regular intake of Goji berry can enhance your sexual performance considerably. It has been mentioned in many ancient Indian texts, where it is stated that consumption of 2-3 dried berries can improve one’s sex life by leaps and bounds…

Control in Blood Pressure

Goji berry can help in controlling blood pressure. However, what is magical is how it controls blood pressure. It has the capability to both lower and increase blood pressure, and essentially maintains it within normal levels! This is a major reason why Goji berry is so famous in practitioners of non-traditional medicine.

Long Life

Goji berry gives you a long life, since it keeps most of your major problems, like liver dysfunction and pressure under control. Regular consumption will promise a long healthy, trouble free life!

Goji berries are red, slightly sweet and sour berries that are common in high Himalayas. Unless you plan on trekking to the Himalayas every day for berries, we suggest you take some of Goji Max by Pure Nutrition, which can provide you with your daily dose of Goji Extracts!