Here at Pure Nutrition, we consider it our privilege to bring to you the endless bounty of herbs and medicinal plants nature provides us, so you can get all the benefits, without the side effects of antibiotics and pills.

Today, we shall talk about Moringa, or Moringa Oleifera, or Horseradish Tree, whatever you prefer to call it. It is gaining consistent popularity due to its superfood like properties, and we too, have been quite awestruck at the immense potential this plant has. The best part? It’s available in plenty in India!

Cleanse and De-Tox

Moringa leaves are one of the most potent detoxifiers available in the wild. In addition, it will also balance your blood’s ideal acidic level, and keep it at the correct pH level. In other words, it will make your blood vessels less susceptible to damage from Blood pH imbalance.

Fighting Inflammation

Moringa is also a strong natural anti-inflammatory agent, curing infections from within, in a 100% safe and effective way. It comes without the added side effects of typical anti-inflammatory drugs.

Digestive Health

Moringa strengthens your digestive system, enabling your stomach to absorb nutrients from your food better, thus ensuring you are able to digest your food optimally, and easily. It can also soothe an upset stomach making it an ideal option for people with weak digestive system.

Boosting Immunity

A clean and cleansed body, with a detoxified vascular system is a one-way street to a better immune function. With regular consumption of Moringa, you will become more and more resistant to invasion by germs and bacteria, making you somewhat invincible. If you suffer from frequent cough and cold, and a general illness frequently, we recommend you start consuming

Improve digestive health

in controlled doses as suggested by our consultant doctors.


Another vital power of Moringa is its ability to counter free radicals which cause ageing in us. Taking Moringa will make you feel and look younger!

If you need any other assistance or have queries regarding this, you may contact our consultant doctors, who will assist you in taking the right decision…