Increased Immunity

Regular sex floods your body with copious amounts of Immunoglobin A or IgA. Studies have shown that people who have sex at least twice a week have a steady release of IgA that boosts your body’s immune system. As a result, one is able to fight back infections much better and lead a healthy life.

Bladder Control

Improved bladder control in women and a strong pelvic floor is also associated with sex. It helps in fighting against incontinence, which is common for about 30% of women at some point in their lives.

Blood Pressure

Regular sex lowers systolic blood pressure and helps one lead a stress free life.

Replace the Gym

Regular sex can potentially replace your sessions at the gym. You can expect their arms, legs and abs to develop over time as they practice regularly! Besides, it is a great alternative to cardio and in the longer run, leads to a healthier heart and an active lifestyle.


Sex can make your days less painful by filling your body with endorphins and make you feel good due to the natural uplifting properties of painkillers!

Prevent Cancer

Due to the natural strengthening of your immune system, you will run lesser risk of developing prostate cancer, along with defence from several other forms of cancer as well.

Stress and Sleep

Just like any physical activity like kickboxing and cardio, sex releases good amounts of dopamine, which calms down our nerves and releases stress. As your nerves are relaxed, you are more open to welcome sleep as you lay down to rest!

Pure Nutrition presents Cam Agra, a 100% natural herbal supplement to enhance and maintain your sex life to optimum levels! Any questions? Write to us on the comments sections below, or consult our doctors whenever you have a doubt!