In this era of busy routine, we are always into multitasking. We hardly have any time for ourselves. We never have a 'ME' time. When I say ME time, it doesn’t include checking social media or interacting with someone on any social networking site! It means, time with yourself, time with your soul!

Because we have no ME time, we are usually stressed all through the day. This stress piles up inside our body which is like a buildup of toxins which later leads to serious illnesses.

If someone is suffering from a serious disease, there are very high chances that the person might be going through serious stress issues.

I am not saying that a person can never have stress, that is technically not possible. We all have stress which could be either positive stress or negative stress. But all we should do is, identify the stress and learn how to manage it well.

Why is it important to meditate? What does meditation do?

  • Meditation is a very strong tool to deal with stress.

  • We take bath everyday so that the dirt from our body is removed and then we feel fresh! Similarly, meditation is a way to remove dirt/toxins stored inside us which keeps piling each passing day.

  • We all go through different negative emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety which is an emotional toxin which is piled up and stored somewhere in our body.

  • In short, meditation helps you detox yourself and give you freedom from each of these negative emotions maybe for a time being.

  • 10-15 mins of meditation daily can be an excellent 'bath' for your emotions!

What all things are required for meditation?

  • Choose a silent place

  • You can either sit in your room or garden or a place where you feel relaxed.

  • Keep yourself away from distractions like gadgets, pets.

  • It is not compulsory to find a quiet place but for beginning with it, it is advisable to find a silent place and once you achieve it then you can meditate in the hustle bustle areas as well.

  • Make sure you are comfortable where you are.

  • The biggest task during meditation is to focus on your breath. Slowly and gradually start counting your breathes with every inhalation and exhalation.

  • Observe your thoughts and see what is coming your mind. Try focusing on them and try to find the answers to your thoughts.

Steps for meditation: -

  • Close your eyes, start inhaling and exhaling from your nose.

  • If it is difficult to focus on inhaling and exhaling then start with one.

  • Start focusing your different body parts from head to toe. Slowly start scanning your body and you will gradually understand that your body is telling you something, try and identify what it is.

  • Chant a positive mantra or prayer whichever you like to create positive surrounding around you.

  • You can also play some music which guides you throughout the meditation.

What are the health benefits of meditation?

  • It helps in relaxing your mind

  • It gives you a stress-free mind for sometime

  • It helps in increasing your concentration

  • It helps in boosting your memory

  • It boosts your feel-good hormone

  • It gives you self confidence

  • It reduces anxiety

  • It reduces negative emotions, you feel relieved

  • It improves your perception

  • It helps in giving you good night's sleep

  • It helps in boosting your spiritual power

  • It helps in keeping your mind, body in harmony

  • It helps in self-acceptance and forgiveness

Inshort, it helps in giving you STRESS FREE LIFE!