When our digestive system is healthy, our overall health remains healthy!

Whether you try to cope up with your weight loss issues or whether you have digestive tract issues like acidity, bloating, flatulence the main cause of this remains as poor digestion! To get rid of the major problems, it is very important to start from the scratch and take care of your digestive system.

Here are some dietary supplements which helps you in healthy digestion!

(1) Probiotics

  • These are healthy microorganisms which helps in maintaining good gut health!

  • These probiotics are used for treating general GI tract issues.

  • Common sources of probiotics are yogurt, malted milk.

  • It is sometimes used in combination with prebiotics and is available in the form of capsules- Progut plus by pure nutrition

(2) Licorice root

  • Licorice is used to treat issues like heart burn and acid reflux.

  • However, there are not enough research available about use of licorice root in pregnant women.

(3) Chamomile and lemongrass

  • These 2 ingredients, chamomile and lemon grass are usually combined together for healthy digestive tract.

  • Chamomile is usually used for treating upset stomach, nausea as well as for insomnia.

  • Lemongrass is used for treating stomach spasms, stomach ache and vomiting issues.

  • These 2 ingredients are commonly consumed in the form of herbal tea

(4) Combination of common kitchen spices

  • Our common kitchen spices can be a complete health digestive kit.

  • Concoction made up of mint (Pudina), star anise, fennel seeds, cinnamon, cardamom can help in giving smooth bowel movements.

  • This concoction also helps in dealing digestive issues such as bloating, flatulence.

  • This concoction has to be made properly, taking utmost care of retaining maximum nutrients but it is now available in the form herbal tea which is extremely nutritious

(5) Papaya extract

  • It is said that fruits should not be taken after the meal as it might affect your digestion.

  • Papaya fruit has some different theory. It is usually said that papaya should be taken after a meal for better digestion.

  • It is said so because papaya is rich in proteolytic enzymes like papain, chymopapain, caircian, glycyl endopeptidase.

  • Proteolytic enzyme means they are protein digestive enzymes which breaks down proteins and puts less pressure on your digestive system for its absorption.

  • Papaya extract has powerful dose of these enzymes and it is now available in capsule form as well which makes it easier to get your daily nutrient dose.

(6) Psyllium husk

  • This is an excellent source of fiber.

  • It helps in easing out constipation giving smooth bowel movements.

  • Consumption of fiber is very important for healthy digestive system because it provides roughage.

  • Whole fruits also give some amount of fiber.

  • You need around 20-30 grams of fiber in your diet.

Apart from these supplements, here are some tips for better digestion: -

  • Avoid spicy and processed foods.

  • Include ghee in your diet.

  • Maintain a healthy sleep routine.

  • Minimize your caffeine intake.

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.

  • Meditate every day.

  • Exercise every day.

  • Drink adequate water.