Scientifically, milk thistle is called as Silybmom marianum which is a annually flowering plant. Milk thistle's seeds have the most powerful components which is very useful to mankind. From milk thistle plant seeds, milk thistle seed extract is derived. This extract has high amounts of silymarin complex which is the active ingredient of the seed. This active component helps in protecting the liver from entry of certain toxins in it and regenerates the damaged cells. In short, milk thistle helps in detoxifying the liver.

The active ingredient of milk thistle seed is made of 3 parts which are as follows: -

  • Silibinin

  • Silidianin

  • Silicristin

Out of all the three, silibinin is the most active component which provides the maximum benefits.

Do understand it better, here are some ways by which milk thistle seeds helps in liver detoxification!

  • The active component silymarin binds with the outside cells which prevents the entry of toxins in the liver.

  • It works as an antioxidant which helps in fighting against the free radicals. It raises the glutathione levels by 40% which helps in boosting the antioxidant power.

(1) Helps in repairing your organs

  • During liver cirrhosis, liver and its functions are badly affected.

  • The damage which is caused to the liver during liver cirrhosis can be reversed but it takes a lot of time. It is a very slow process. Consumption of milk thistle seed extract can speed up the recovery process.

(2) It has anti-fungal properties

  • Consumption of milk thistle seed extract helps in fighting against some fungal infections.

  • It helps in working against mushroom poisoning which is very common.

(3) It protects the liver from side effects of allopathic medications

  • Long term consumption of medications can have serious effects on liver health.

  • Painkillers can have worst effects on the liver.

  • Milk thistle helps in protecting the liver from these side effects

(4) It helps in improving the heart health

  • Milk thistle seeds have a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids helps in maintaining the heart health.

  • Milk thistle helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. It helps in improving good cholesterol levels (HDL) in the body and reduces the bad cholesterol levels (LDL)

  • It lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack

(5) It helps in preventing cancer at early stages

  • There are few researches which gives us an idea that regular consumption of milk thistle seeds can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

  • protects the body against prostate, cervix and breast cancer.

  • However, we require some more researches to have proven effects!