Quinoa, pronounced as KEEN-wah, has been regarded as a super food since Incan times. They believed the protein and fiber-rich seed endowed their warriors with better stamina and endurance. The truth is more than accurate. Modern research has definitively established Quinoa as the new super food to look out for! Need a quick guide to 5 benefits of this wonder food? Read on!

• Quinoa singularly contains all nine of the amino acids necessary for the betterment of health, in addition to a variety of Vitamin B’s and E, Magnesium, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and an army of antioxidants. So, in short, almost everything you need to survive on! Still need convincing?

• Quinoa comes very low in the Glycemic index, so diabetics can easily include it in their diet without worrying about their Blood Sugar levels spiking off the roof! To be accurate, Quinoa has a Glycemic index of just 53!

• Quinoa contains a high percentage of fiber. That is precisely why it acts as a good "filler food", or something that fills your tummy but doesn't add too many calories into your daily diet. The fiber also helps in boosting your metabolism, which in turn helps in burning fat.

• The next time you feel like you have been mercilessly thrashed by the Hulk after a workout, add some Quinoa to your recovery diet. Lysine contained in Quinoa in large amounts, aids in the super speedy recovery of post workout fatigue. It helps in the quick mending of damaged tissue, courtesy of your workouts so that you are up and running by the time you are timed to hit the gym!

• Quinoa is an immensely beneficial anti-inflammatory food. The amount of phytonutrients found in these wonder seeds heals you from the inside, much like antiseptics. If incorporated in your daily diet, Quinoa can easily build your resistance and immunity to diseases, besides improving your overall health.

Quinoa is the food to have now for a healthy life! The world has already been won over by the “Grain of the Gods”, at least enough for the year 2013 to be regarded the International Year of Quinoa by the Andean Community of Bolivia and officials of the United Nations. What are you waiting for?