Summers are here and that means vacation time! As the temperature soars it is quite natural to be dreaming of a chilled beer on a beach instead of spreadsheets at work. And with the convivial atmosphere all around, it quite natural to end up drinking one or two extra chilled mugs of beer. Unfortunately, all the enjoyment is overshadowed by the thought of a massive hangover the next morning. And let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than being hungover in the summer with the bright light searing one’s eyeballs and the heat making one feel even worse. But is there any real need to fear the morning after? What if there was something that would ensure that a fun evening does not end in a frightful morning? The answer lies in ‘Kick It’.


So what is ‘Kick It’? It is an anti-hangover drink that restores vital nutrients and fluids that may get depleted by alcohol thus facilitating rehydration. Basically, it helps you kick your hangover away by preventing dehydration, one of the major causes of a hangover. Apart from performing the vital act of rehydration, ‘Kick It’ also helps one metabolise alcohol and its byproducts easily, thus reducing and in some cases, even preventing a hangover.


‘Kick It’ contains:

Curcuminoids: The anti-inflammatory goodness of Curcuminoids are derived from turmeric and help reduce the inflammation caused by alcohol consumption.

Green tea: The anti-oxidative properties of green tea not only serve to rehydrate but also heal your body from the damage caused by alcohol metabolites. Its antioxidants help you spring back from a night of indulgence faster and with fewer side effects.

Pepper: A natural stimulant and pain reliever, pepper will take care of that nasty headache while the spiciness will make you sweat the toxins away.

Ginger: The anti-emetic properties of ginger ensure that you won’t have to spend the day hugging the toilet or feeling nauseous. The digestive properties of ginger also help one metabolise alcohol and its hangover-causing toxic byproducts easily.

Lime: Guard your liver against last night’s excesses with lime’s protective qualities. This ubiquitous fruit also helps with tissue regeneration and rehydration!


Just a heads up though, while ‘Kick It’ does help you kick that hangover, it is no reason to drink irresponsibly. Drink no more than you can handle and certainly do not drive or operate heavy machinery while inebriated. Remember to also consume a lot of water along with your bottle of ‘Kick It’ to ensure full hydration.

All natural goodness and zero synthetic chemicals make ‘Kick It’ the ideal post party drink that will help you wake up with a smile after a night of partying, instead of feeling like the world is coming to an end. So go out there and party on! Kick It’s got your back!