Wanting to live a long and healthy life is on everyone's wish list. We spend our lives in this pursuit. From diet to exercise and even surgery, our entire lives are spent trying to prevent ageing and its effects. However, what most of us don't know is that consuming selenium can not only help us in our quest but also contribute to our body with long term benefits.


So what is selenium?

Selenium is a trace mineral present in many foods that we consume like brown rice, brazil nuts, spinach, mushroom and sunflower seeds. Regular consumption of this wonderful mineral has shown to have an antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and immune-boosting effect. Consumption of selenium-rich foods also leads to thick, lush hair and has an anti-depressive effect too! Smooth and healthy skin is one of the biggest markers of youth and by preventing and reducing the effects of sun damage and wrinkles, selenium also helps us in this regards. Check your anti-ageing cream, it will most likely include selenium as one of its ingredients for the same reason.


Selenium's anti-oxidative properties also boost one's immune system, leaving us looking young and fresh. Its ability to neutralize free radicals and thus prevent cancer is yet another plus in its anti-ageing resume.


Where do I get my selenium from?

As mentioned above, one can find selenium in a host of everyday foods like nuts, tuna, cod, beef, chicken, wheat germ, wheat flour, pasta, onions, garlic, eggs, grains, rice, oats, quinoa and freshwater fish. However, as it is a trace element, one must consume vast quantities of these to gain optimum benefit. Excess consumption of selenium is also harmful as it can lead to certain cancers and type-2 diabetes, which is why one should consume the element in the recommended amounts only. Consuming supplements will help ensure that we gain the maximum benefit from the element while keeping its harmful effects at bay.  A selenium supplement like Selenium Max from Pure Nutrition is one such product that can help you to enjoy the benefits of selenium without the harmful side effects.


Looking and feeling young can go a long way in extending one's life span. Careful consumption of Selenium can help you maintain and attain your youthful looks and health in the long run, keeping people guessing about your age and the secret to your stunning looks.