With life finally getting back on track, we are ensuring perfect readiness, with gloves, masks and sanitizers kept handy all the time. While we are so concerned about protecting ourselves from the virus externally, we must not forget to strengthen our internal firewall, protecting us from all kinds of viruses as well. After all, we are as safe as our immunity is strong.

Increasing immunity isn’t as tough as it sounds. While foods like legumes and citric fruits do give us a boost, the current situation requires us to ensure increased immunity levels in order to put up our best fight against the many health hazards that surround us today.

With the monsoon weather adding to our woes, strengthening our immunity is the need of the hour.
Along with a diet that is rich in greens, citric fruits, nuts and enough proteins, we need exercise, enough rest, relaxed minds: and last but not the least, adequate immunity boosters.

Immunity boosters are supplements that you can add to your diet, to increase and strengthen your immunity, as you may not get the adequate amount of immune protection from your diet.

Supplements like Curcumin, with black pepper, that have excellent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, or Progut Plus, with 7 different strain of gut-friendly bacteria, Immune Pro with IgG or immunoglobulin factors, Vitamin C with orange peel and amla extracts: all these are additions that can boost your immunity in different ways.

Choose the one that feels right for you, couple it with the right lifestyle changes and take your place in the new normal. A little safer, a little more protected.


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