The next time your mother or grandmother tells you to take haldi for inflammation, listen to her. This superfood is now going beyond our traditional practices and into the wider world where scientists are acclaiming it for its amazing properties. Don’t believe us? Here are 10 benefits of curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric:


1. Improved memory: Ever wondered why India has much lower rates of Alzheimer’s than the  USA? The answer lies in the yellow spice that has been colouring our food for centuries. Studies done by UCLA show that among 40 people aged 50–90, those who consumed curcumin supplements daily exhibited improved memory by 28 percent after 18 months.

2. A stronger heart: Want to fight bad cholesterol and reduce your triglyceride levels? Studies show that curcumin supplements boosted your body’s ability to reduce LDL cholesterol levels while leaving HDL cholesterol levels unchanged. That’s not all, animal studies show that consuming a curcumin dietary supplement can somewhat reverse enlarged hearts, reduce scar tissue, and improve heart function too!

3. Healthier skin: Remember your mom rubbing turmeric on your wounds? She may have been on to something. Studies show that topical curcumin gel enhances healing, reduces pain and inflammation and results in minimal to no scarring of burns and scalds. 4. Better digestion: Making food easier to digest is one of the main reasons we add turmeric to our food. British researchers have discovered that daily consumption of curcumin extracts reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, while another Japanese study showed improved results for patients of ulcerative colitis.

5. Less dry eye: Constant screen usage can end up causing dry eye and other eye conditions. Fortunately, there is something that can help in this scenario. Curcumin. Studies show that taking curcumin supplements can alleviate symptoms of dry eye, allergic conjunctivitis and other eye conditions.

6. Seasonal allergy relief: Curcumin is an effective remedy for those suffering from allergies during season change. Compared to a placebo, curcumin supplements significantly reduced symptoms of allergy such as sneezing, mucus, and nasal congestion while providing improved breathing.

7. Healthier arteries: The odds of high blood pressure increases with age. Arteries harden and do not dilate properly, leading to high blood pressure. However, studies show that a daily intake of curcumin nutritional supplements could be just as good as aerobic exercise for artery dilation.

8. Better diabetes control: For those who are at high risk for diabetes bioactive curcumin supplements offer a chance to prevent the disease. The supplement reduces inflammation and improves the body’s uptake of insulin that helps maintain healthy blood sugar and keeps diabetes at bay.

9.Improved liver function: Daily consumption of curcumin supplements resulted in improved liver health for 75% people who took them as compared to 5% of those who took the placebo. So if you’re suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, it is time to give this yellow spice a try!

10. Pain relief: Your granny knew about the health benefits of curcumin, that’s why she always gave you haldi ka doodh every time you hurt yourself playing. Now science is proving her right! Studies show that when it comes to pain relief, curcumin can be just as good as ibuprofen. That’s not all, studies show that daily consumption of curcumin nutritional dietary supplements helps in reducing pain, inflammation, and medical markers of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis too!


Unfortunately, curcumin makes up a small part of the entire composition of turmeric, thus one will need to consume a large quantity of turmeric to gain the benefits of the chemical. Which is why taking a curcumin supplement like Pure Nutrition Curcumin+ which concentrates the chemical is a much better idea. So what are you waiting for? Make this golden spice your partner for a healthier and fitter body.