The best things in life are often derived from ignored and overlooked places. Who knew that papaya, a regularly and generally ignored vegetable/fruit can change your life for the better, and in ways you never can imagine.

Red Blood Counts

Our blood is made up of RBC, which along with Haemoglobin, gives it the characteristic red colour which freaks most of us out. Papaya has an uncanny ability to regenerate and improve Red Blood Corpuscle count in your blood, saving you from anaemia. A healthy RBC count is essential for a trouble free, healthy life.


Another important component of our blood is Platelets, which help in fighting off external infections from bacteria and other invaders. Even when you have a cut, it’s the platelets that help in repairing you from the inside. Papaya helps you in keeping your platelet count to the optimal level so that you keep off infections from your body.

Better Immunity

Papaya helps in developing your immune system by cleansing off your blood and making it purer. As a result, you are less prone to infections and attacks from outside elements. Regular infections and common coughs and colds will be a thing of the past! Regular infusion of papaya in your diet will make you no less than a superman.

Better Digestion

Papaya also helps you in getting the perfect digestive system. There are certain natural enzymes in papaya that charge the digestive system and make it super effective in absorbing whatever you eat! Papaya extract is also known to have wonderful effects on an upset stomach, fixing the acid imbalance as well as getting you up on your feet again!

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