Love is full of surprises. Like these 5 health benefits. 

Love they say makes the world go around, that is how powerful love can move us. Move us not only to be the best version of ourselves but also move us beyond anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Here is how and why it is a good idea to fall and stay in love

Fewer illnesses: 

Being in love is known to boost your immunity. Those in committed relationships actually see the doctor less regularly. 

Love can keep you in shape: 

Couples who diet and exercise together have shown a higher success rate of sticking to their routine than those who go at it alone.

Love reduces your blood pressure: 

A study has found that partners in loving relationships had lower blood pressure than those who were single. 

Love keeps you calm and helps you recover better: 

It is found that a loving relationship that offers you support aids a faster recovery while hostile relationships slow down the process. 

Love helps you age better: 

Those who have the social support of loving relationships tend to have better mental health, cardiovascular health, immunological functioning, and cognitive performance. All of these add up to longevity of life with great health. 

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