Let's face it, most of us lead sedentary lives. We sit during our commutes and are seated while working throughout the day. While we can alleviate the bad effects of this lifestyle by walking every 30 minutes and taking the stairs instead of the elevator, when it comes to work pressure, most of us would prefer to remain seated and meet the deadline instead of taking a walk. All this coupled with poor posture and bad roads result in the most common ailment for all - back pain. Lack of exercise further aggravates the issue, creating a truly vicious cycle. Popping pills is also not the solution as most non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs come with a host of side-effects that crop up with continuous usage. So what is the solution? Well, the long-term solution is better posture, exercise and a more active lifestyle, while for the short-term the best solution apart from NSAIDs is a bromelain supplement like Bromelain Plus from Pure Nutrition.


Bromelain? Isn't it the stuff found in pineapples?

Absolutely correct! Not only are pineapples a very healthy and nutritious fruit that provide the body with numerous micronutrients, its low-calorie count means that it packs quite a punch. The bromelain present in this delicious fruit is an enzyme that helps in breaking down proteins, which is why certain dishes call for meat to be marinated in pineapple puree. This miraculous enzyme also has wonderful anti-inflammatory powers that help reduce pain, especially pain caused by inflammation like back pain and arthritis. Firbrin is a protein that is deposited at inflammation sites that leads to an increase in pain. Bromelain increases fibrinolytic activity i.e., prevents the deposit of fibrin while aiding in breaking down of clots and promotes wound healing. Bromelain also actively reduces inflammatory mediators like bradykinin and prostaglandins, thus reducing joint pain and swelling. The abundant vitamin C present in pineapples also gives the fruit a strong antioxidant property which is also super helpful for those of us with a sedentary lifestyle.


How much pineapple should I consume to gain the maximum benefit?

Unfortunately, the amount of bromelain present in your average slice of pineapple is not enough to help you out, which is why you should rely on supplements like Bromelain Plus from Pure Nutrition to experience the full benefit.


Can anyone have bromelain supplements?

Not really, as bromelain helps in breaking down clots, its use should be avoided if you are already consuming blood thinning medications. Same goes for antibiotics as bromelain can magnify the uptake of the drugs. Pregnant women should also avoid consuming bromelain supplements as bromelain can increase one's risk of miscarriage.


Completely giving up one's sedentary lifestyle is not always feasible, but with bromelain, one can help avoid the common complications of such a lifestyle and lead a healthy life.