Summers are here in all their glory. While we wait for the rains to bless us, we are left dealing with the heat, humidity and dust that summer brings. The combination of all three juxtaposed with our punishing lifestyles means that our immune systems get compromised and therefore become susceptible to diseases. So how do we go about bolstering our immunity in this heat? Here’s how:


Remember to catch up on your sleep: People who don’t get enough sleep are most likely to fall ill. So catch those zzz and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep if not the whole eight hours. As summer heat makes it more difficult to sleep, creating a comfortable sleeping environment is key. So wear light clothes to bed, turn on the air conditioning and draw the curtains so that you are not disturbed by the bright glare of the morning sun.


De-stress: Long term stress like lack of sleep can severely impact your body and immune system. Fortunately, summer with its myriad opportunities to swim, take a vacation and hit the beach means more ways of de-stressing. So take some time off, chill with your loved ones and watch your stress melt away and your immunity take off!


Exercise when you can: The heat and humidity of summer do make exercise a rather unappealing experience, but regular exercise does go a long way in boosting your immunity. If you cannot bear the heat, then head out in the early morning or just visit your nearest air conditioned gym or swimming pool!


Eat right: Heat and humidity are ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive in which makes eating right even more crucial. Avoid eating stale, roadside food and consume only what has been freshly made. Streetside juice stalls may seem like a boon but avoid the ice as it can be made of contaminated water. Consume plenty of fruits, vegetables and probiotics to keep your tummy and your immunity super happy.

Remember your supplements: Eating right can only take you so far. Broad spectrum supplements like Pure Nutrition’s Immune Pro also go a long way in boosting your immunity during this trying time. Their natural elements help maintain healthy intestinal flora, accelerates cell and muscle growth and provide protection against viral and bacterial agent.


Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate: Dehydration is the surest way to fall ill in the summer, which is why hydration is so important. Drinking enough water, not just tea and coffee which can dehydrate you is of the utmost importance this season. Make sure it is purified and strained to avoid any waterborne diseases though.


So there you have it! Easy ways to boost your immunity this summer! So what are you waiting for? Go out there and enjoy the season while it lasts!