Traffic jammed commutes, long working hours, unhealthy diets, and lack of exercise, is it a surprise that we spend most of our time feeling tired and exhausted. While the diet and lack of exercise can be managed personally, little can be done about the stressful commute and work environment, the major contributors to our exhaustion. Does this mean that life should continue to be the tired and stressed mess as it is now? Certainly not! With bio chlorophyll, you can not only regain your energy levels but can also gain other benefits like cancer prevention and better digestion!


So what is chlorophyll? As anyone with a rudimentary grasp of science can remember, it is the plant pigment responsible for the absorption of light in the process of photosynthesis, which creates energy. Research has shown that this pigment can significantly reduce the risk for certain types of cancer by binding to potential carcinogens in one's gastrointestinal tract. Studies have consistently shown that consuming liquid chlorophyll prevents the cytotoxic and hyperproliferative colonic effects of dietary toxins like haem. Liver detoxification is yet another benefit of chlorophyll consumption as it increases the secretion of good enzymes and reduces the risk of liver damage or liver cancer. Its antioxidant properties also help in rapid healing which makes recovering from the daily wears and tears of life much easier and improves energy levels by increasing metabolism. This can also result in weight loss. As chlorophyll speeds up waste elimination, balances fluid levels, and reduces constipation, results in a better working digestive system.


So how does one incorporate more chlorophyll in one's diet?

Well, the best place to start is to get it directly from the source, i.e., green and leafy vegetables or algae. After all, their bright colour is caused by the presence of chlorophyll in their cells. Sources like lettuce, spinach, kale etc. are rich in chlorophyll and should consist of your daily 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.


Raw or lightly cooked foods: We all are aware of what happens to green vegetables when they are exposed to excessive heat, they wilt and lose their colour. Same goes for when they have been stored in your fridge for too long. This is because chlorophyll is very heat sensitive which is why when cooked, green vegetables quickly become brown mush. Therefore, to gain the maximum benefit from these vegetables one should either eat them raw or cook them as little as possible.

Supplements: To fully experience the benefits of chlorophyll one will need to switch to a raw and entirely plant-based diet. This may not be feasible for everyone which is why a supplement like Pure Nutrition's Bio-Chlorophyll works. It contains wheat grass which is richer in Chlorophyll and antioxidants than most of the other plants. It is also readily absorbed and accepted in the digestive system.


So what are you waiting for? A healthy and energized life is waiting for you!