Every small step you take towards your health now will be a long-term protection against a variety of illnesses and ailments, including the big C, Cancer. The small step you can take right here, right now is as simple as stocking your kitchen with these easily found ingredients, powered by the goodness of nature. 

1.Apple Cider:

Easily available even in India these days, Apple Cider is apple juice that has been fermented. This process of fermentation makes it a good probiotic with anti-oxidant properties. It plays an important role in boosting immunity and several studies have uncovered its ability to kill cancer cells.

2.Curcumin/ Turmeric:

Turmeric or haldi has long been known as a ready antiseptic in Indian kitchens. Today, world-over it is gaining popularity for its inhibitive effects on cancer cells. It is known to destroy the blood vessels that feed cancerous tumors, thereby preventing and slowing down their growth. Turmeric is also known to block the cancer-causing enzyme, proving to be a ray of light and hope for those struggling with this disease.


Moringa leaves, are leaves of the vegetable, commonly known as drumstick. Moringa leaves are high in chlorophyll and are a rich source of several essential vitamins and minerals which help to boost the immune system. Several studies have highlighted its role in prevention of cancer.

4.Coconut Oil:

The humble coconut oil is quite the wonder drug. It is known to reduce the symptoms related to side-effects of chemotherapy and improve the overall quality of life of patients suffering from breast cancer. Several studies link the usage of virgin coconut oil in boosting immunity and preventing various types of cancer.


5.Papaya Leaf:

Bitter in taste, but nothing better than Papaya Leaf in boosting the immune system. It is known to contain unique antioxidant agents that regulate the immune system and have a direct anti-tumor effect on various types of cancers.

What’s more, instead of looking high and low for these wonder ingredients, you can shop for all of them at one convenient place. Most of the above ingredients have been made available for easy consumption in a tablet/ capsule form. And that too, retaining all of their inherent goodness. Look for them on our website:

Let’s fight cancer and be #PureTogether