Our country is blessed with a vibrant street food culture that caters to every taste and dietary preference. From crisp dosas to tangy chaats and everything in between, it is quite easy to get tempted by the enticing array available. Unfortunately, our country is also blessed with high heat and humidity which makes for a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and protozoans. The result? Food poisoning that makes you regret enjoying yourself the day before. But does that mean we should avoid street food altogether? Certainly not! There are a few precautions we can undertake to avoid falling prey to street foodborne illnesses like using a sanitiser before eating, choosing a stall that is crowded to ensure the freshest food possible and avoiding food that has been left out for too long in the heat. The biggest favour you can do to yourself as a street food aficionado though is taking a probiotic supplement to boost your gut immunity.


But what are probiotics anyway? Probiotics are live microorganisms that are present in fermented foods like yoghurt, kimchi, idli etc. Studies show that these microorganisms are super beneficial for our health. For example, ever wondered why our moms forced us to eat yoghurt and rice when we had an upset stomach? That’s because they unknowingly understood the probiotic qualities of curd in maintaining a healthy gut system. Here’s what happens. When one consumes contaminated street food, one ends up causing an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in our gut. The bad bacteria proliferate and one gets diarrhoea as a result. To combat this, we consume antibiotics which eliminate both bad AND good bacteria, causing further imbalance and further stomach issues. Taking probiotics helps maintain this crucial balance from day one, preventing stomach upsets in the first place. If in case diarrhoea does occur and antibiotics are really required, probiotics step in and help repopulate your gut with good bacteria, thus helping you recover faster. That’s not all! Probiotics can also help improve symptoms of certain digestive disorders like  IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease that make life miserable for millions of people across the globe. Studies show that supplementing one’s diet with probiotics went a long way in easing the symptoms and severity of these conditions.


Our country has a rich tradition of consuming probiotic-rich food for millennia, from the idlis and dosas in the south to panta bhaat in the east and of course the ubiquitous dahi that is in every fridge. Problem is, that the fermenting process may end up breeding other bacteria apart from the good bacteria which can then lead to further stomach and immunity issues. Besides that, cooking with probiotics like idli kills the bacteria thus making it not very beneficial. To counter this and gain maximum benefit from probiotics, supplements like Pure Nutrition Progut Plus are one’s best bet. They contain the right balance of microorganisms and in the right dose to help your stomach become immune to random bacteria. So don’t hold yourself back! Eat that street food to your heart’s content!