For the past few weeks we have been talking about how the different organs of our body are indispensable in their own right. The heart couldn’t be left behind can it? Perhaps, out of all the organs in your body, save your brain, any problem in your heart will reflect on the body almost immediately.

A little care and control in your daily life will help the pump of life and keep you healthier.

Eat White!

This is true for those of you who are die-hard non-vegetarians. If meat is an essential part of your diet, try to avoid any coloured meat. If you can’t resist, eat in moderation. Go for white meat, like fish, or chicken. White meat has fat which is actually quite beneficial for you.

Small but Many

Eat in small amounts but more frequently. This gives your digestive system enough time to process your food properly, and as a result, you have less calorie build up in the form of fat. We all know, less fat build up leads to a healthy heart!

Fibre Mop

Add copious quantities of fibre in your diet. It essentially acts as a mop and cleans your system. With today’s hectic, fast paced lives, it is not always possible to eat healthy. We all intake some amount of cholesterol with our food every day. A good amount of fibre in your diet will therefore help you keep things clean!


A lot has been said about going through a detoxing routine at least once every two months. No amount of advice is enough to justify exactly how important it is for your heart. Luke recommends using Pure Nutrition’s herbal supplements to help you detox whenever your body needs it.

Stay Active

Small changes in our lifestyle, like a brisk 30 min walk in the morning, taking the stairs, limiting alcohol intake and restricting smoking can end up paying huge dividends in the long run. A small change now will return to you as a gift of life, sooner than you can imagine! Use Pure Nutrition natural antioxidant supplement combo pack for heart health care. 

Good Luck!