Kidneys – A pair of fist-sized organs that help us cleanse all toxins from our body and excrete the remnant waste. Kidneys are like the unsung heroes of the body that work day in and day out to keep your body clean and blood pressure normal.

This World Kidney Day, here are 5 secrets to help keep your kidneys healthy:

  1. Drink Enough Water:
    Your body requires a quick flush once a while. Drinking ample water and staying hydrated at all times helps flush excess salts, proteins and uric acid that might be in your blood, to keep it flowing smoothly through your body.

  2. Limit Salt Intake:
    Too much salt and calcium in the body can cause the formation of crystals in the kidneys. This forms kidney stones and causes discomfort. Limiting salt intake reduces blood volume and helps the kidneys to function better.

  3. Avoid Antibiotics:
    Antibiotics put a lot of pressure on your kidneys. If you feel that antibiotics are a solution to all your problems, turns out its excess does more harm to your kidneys than the good it does to your body.

  4. Eat more foods that improve Kidney Health:
    You are what you eat. A healthy kidney is only possible if you eat foods that help flush your kidneys and maintain kidney health. Some of these include water-based fruits like Watermelon; Berries, Olive oil, Onions, Apples, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Peppers etc.

  5. Get yourself screened:
    No matter how much you are in-sync with your body, you need to get yourself checked once in a while from a professional. Get your blood pressure checked and also your kidneys screened once in a while. If you experience any pain or burning sensation during urination or a lower backache, get it tested by a professional. 

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