Nature is the best doctor you will ever get. Here at Pure Nutrition, we pay tribute to her wealth by sticking to her prescribed recipe for healing. However, if you plan on playing safe and have a collection of must-have medicinal herbs, look no further than our guide here.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are hardy, easily grown and require virtually no processing prior to application. It is as easy as simply cutting the stem, extracting the gel from within, and applying it on your skin or hair. You can also use it to cure an upset or constipated stomach and irritable bowel syndrome. What’s better is that it requires very little water and grows on any quality of soil.


The oldest known medicinal herb known to man thrives in plenty of sunlight and medium sized pots. Use some mint leaves and boil them to produce a tea best for curing an upset stomach. Apply a small amount of paste made from the leaves on itchy skin to relieve all signs of soreness. If you are facing motion sickness, sniff a couple of the leaves to remove vomiting reflexes. Peppermint leaves can also be had raw when you are facing constipated.


Chamomile flower petals should be kept separately dried and made into tea whenever you need it. The very specific breed of the plant you are looking for is Chamaemelumnobile, otherwise known as Roman Chamomile. Whenever you are too stressed to fall asleep easily, or simply upset about something at work, there is nothing that works better than a mild warm brew of Chamomile tea to set your nerves back down. For small children and teenagers with an upset stomach, chamomile tea works wonders to soothe their tummy.

Next time, we will talk about three more herbs you can keep at home for quick fixes. If you however, find maintaining a plant too tedious, you can always rely of our 100% natural herbal supplements for a quick remedy. Keep watching our websites for our tea and infusion products that are coming soon!