Turmeric, or Haldi as called by our adorable Grandmothers, has always been regarded in the Vedas as a magic herb. As medicine has progressed, turmeric has taken a backseat as an herb, and come forward as a flavouring and colouring agent in all our favourite curries. The real magical property of turmeric is a little known compound called curcumin. Today we shall talk about how this seemingly inert compound can transform your body for the better!

Battle Cancer

Curcumin has shown to possess immense potential as a cancer inhibitor. Specifically, daily consumption of curcumin has shown to produce significant amounts of anti-cancer cells in the human body, thus protecting you from the onset of cancer. In cancer patients, curcumin has shown to inhibit the progression of the deadly disease even better than western meds. Needless to say, curcumin is the next big thing when it comes to the fight against cancer. Ask any grandmother, a tablespoon of turmeric in warm milk can get you off almost all illness imaginable!


Anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin have shown to match that of many drugs in the market. In controlled doses, curcumin has shown tremendous potential to become a staple and standard anti-inflammatory agent for battling invasion by bacteria in our body. Not only that, a steady supply of curcumin in the bloodstream controls inflammation in a small scale, like small infections, cough and cold. In the long run, it helps build up the body’s resistance to prevent bigger infections, like cancer and heart disease!


Curcumin has strong anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties. Studies have shown that it essentially neutralizes the free radicals generated in our body associated with a number of diseases and ageing. Take curcumin, if you want to stay healthy, stay young for long!

Brain it!

Curcumin has shown to develop one’s brain functions if taken in a controlled manner. It is especially beneficial after the age of 35. If taken from an early age, it can significantly aid in maintaining optimal sharpness of brain with increasing age.

The Extraction

Curcumin is found in turmeric, and in trace amounts in ginger. Even in turmeric, the concentration is just about 3% by weight. You have to eat a lot of curcumin to get a substantial benefit. Besides, curcumin is not readily absorbed by our body. To increase its absorption, our doctors recommend having a few black peppercorns along with it.

A better alternative is Curcumin with Black Pepper Extract by Pure nutrition. We even add the black pepper so you don’t end up sneezing. A dosage of about 8mg is generally sufficient in producing all the required benefits without side effects. However, our doctors are always at your beck and call anytime you need our assistance or advice on curcumin