Your kidneys are one of the most important organs in your body. They are like the pillars of Alexandria. They quietly go about doing their duty without anyone knowing they exist. But, when a kidney or two malfunctions, all hell breaks loose in your body. Kidneys, therefore, are not to be taken lightly…

The Quiet Filter

Kidneys are our body’s natural water filter. It has the extremely potent duty to filter the liquid that we take in, absorb the nutrients, and remove the body’s waste matter in form of urine. Their main job is to remove waste products and balance fluid levels. They also help produce Vitamin D and Red Blood Cells. Did you know that they even regulate blood pressure?

Fit until Failure

Research shows that every year, millions of people are killed by Kidney Failure and Kidney Cancer. While Kidney cancer can be hereditary in cases, it has been found in studies - that it can be prevented by adopting certain lifestyle which results in good overall health. For example: Staying active throughout the day, checking and regulating the blood pressure is ideal. We recommend taking Pure Nutrition’s BP Pro – a herbal supplement that supports healthy blood pressure levels in the body.

Simply walking for a few minutes a day may also help you maintain healthy kidneys. Luke says - a healthy lifestyle along with regular exercise and regular intake of water leads to a better kidney health! 

Take care of your kidneys!