Your cutlery may be convenient but eating with your hands will do you good and for the right reasons! The traditional Indian way of eating is healthy. Here are the top reasons for you to start eating with your hands.

The Vedas Say So

When you eat with your hands, all your pranas are in a balance. The five fingers in our hands correspond to the five elements – thumb: fire, index finger: air, middle finger: sky, ring finger: earth, little finger: water. Imbalance in these pranas leads to diseases in the body. Putting our fingers together to eat brings these elements in a perfect harmony. It helps energize the food and heal us from within.

Digestion is Better

Studies reveal that the stomach receives brain signals the moment our hand touches food. This results in better digestion as it helps ready the stomach for the food. Right when the signals are received, the stomach secretes the proper amount of digestive enzymes and acids to aid and complete proper digestion. 

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Balance between Good & Bad Bacteria

The perfect ratio between the good bacteria and bad bacteria is maintained when you eat with your hand; which, in turn, leads to a healthy body. The most essential part of our immune system operates directly out of the gut. Maintaining this balance, therefore, is especially important for the overall health of the body.

No matter what your choice of eating your food with, cutlery or no cutlery, simply remember to enjoy your meal. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy!