Know thy Enemy!

The key to battling high blood pressure is understanding how it works. Your heart is essentially a giant pump which pushes blood through all your veins and arteries. Your blood pressure is essentially the pressure felt by the walls of your blood vessels when the heart forces the blood through them.

Why does blood pressure get high?

Your body needs oxygen, and this oxygen is carried from the lungs to various parts of your body by the blood pumped through your heart. When your body feels that it needs more oxygen supplied to different parts, and if your muscles are overworked very easily, the first defence mechanism your body triggers is to supply more oxygen. So, the heart beats faster to supply more oxygenated blood, and that in turn increases your blood pressure.

Keep Calm and Heart On!

So, you either have blood pressure or you most certainly will, given the modern day work culture and total lack of physical activity! Try these basic lifestyle changes to stand a fighting chance against high blood pressure…

  • Stop smoking. Smoking temporarily increases your heart rate, seemingly making you more alert. As a trade-off, long term usage damages blood vessels and in case of people with blood pressure, will weaken their heart, leading to a stroke.
  • Get some exercise in your daily life. Start small, but never miss. Make at least an hour of exercise three days a week an essential part of your life if you are young and fit. If you are older, walk regularly at a brisk pace. These will help you cope better and dismiss the effects of high Blood Pressure.
  • Abstain from too much alcohol. Moderation is the key here. While some spirits like red wine and whiskey are great for your heart and blood pressure, drinking too much will have a negative impact on your health and heart. The key here is to do it the Greek way - lots of greens, lots of red wine, lots of fish and lots of physical labour. No wonder the Greeks have the highest rating for good health among resident citizens of countries all around the world.

 Pure Nutrition’s Herbal Supplements like BP Pro, Bio COQ-10 and Goji Max help regulate blood pressure.  They work wonders for maintenance of your blood circulation system. However, before incorporating them into your diet, do speak to our doctors who will guide you with it.