The liver works as a silent guardian to us all. Little do we realize that this resilient organ works overtime, demands very little attention, and basically ensures our body functions like clockwork! Here’s a quick rundown on why you should take care of your liver and how!

The Why’s!

The liver is essentially a big storehouse for your body. Whatever nutrients your body needs to survive, the liver deposits them over time and releases them in times of crisis, when you are working out, or going on a juice fast to fit back into your earlier clothes! The liver is your body’s savings account that helped you in times of recession! Needless to say, the better and healthier you eat, the healthier substances your liver will store!

Blood Glucose Maintenance

Without the liver, we would have had a really hard time maintaining our blood glucose levels. The liver essentially converts blood glucose into glycogen for storage and then releases it at intervals between meals and workouts. Without proper regulation, irregular blood glucose levels can ruin your organs in no time.

Fatty Fat

Did you know that the liver is your body’s fat processing plant? All edible fats are processed in the liver and either stored, if in excess, or consumed, as energy to perform our daily functions. Not only that, they are also responsible for processing proteins and removing the resulting ammonia by urine.

The How’s

Too much alcohol may ruin your liver. Luke asks all of his patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly. There are no substitutes for regular exercise. You need it - you must find time for it. However, find the exercise that suits you! Don’t overdo it. The healthier you will be, the better it will be for your liver to process toxins.

Every month or so, detox your liver. Use Pure Nutrition's Detox Liver Milk Thistle Ultra to clean and boost your systems from the ill effects of our hectic daily life. Your internal system will be cleansed, detoxed and you will get glowing skin from within!

Good Luck!