India loves rice. Be it made with a hint of sweetness, like in a Payasam, or spicy like a Biryani, India just cannot get enough of it! Nothing else is equally loved across the country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Rice, in one form of the other feeds a billion mouths and still manages to be a crowd favourite!

While white and polished rice has a notoriety for being heavy in starch, the Red/Brown variety, that’s unpolished and rich in Fibers, is the latest craze among Fitness enthusiasts. Holistic Nutrionist Luke Coutinho highly recommends that you make red rice a part of your healthy meal routine.

Want to know the reasons why? Read on…

Give me Red!

Why is red rice red? Well because it is unpolished. So essentially it contains a part of the husk with the grain. The husk is rich in fiber which is always a good thing. Since it is ideal as a filler food, it will keep you feeling full for a longer period. It also gives red rice a certain nutty flavour, very unique and oddly satisfying when had with curry!

The Power of Antioxidants!

Manganese, a powerful antioxidant is found in red rice. It counters free radicals found in our body and helps in regenerating lost health and vitality. Zinc, useful in healing of wounds and repair of body tissues is another reason to give in to Red Rice. With our hectic lifestyle, we all need anti-oxidants to counter daily destruction of our body… Intake of Pure Nutrition’s Curcumin coupled wiorth your meal of red rice is also sure to act as a good source of antioxidant in your body. Click here to know more about Pure Nutrition natural antioxidant supplement which can be used as a multi-purpose product.

Done with Asthma!

Red Rice is rich in Magnesium, a metal well known for its properties of fighting Asthma. Prolonged intake of red rice has shown vast improvement in patients with Asthma. It will not make you get rid of your inhaler, but you sure will use it much, much less…

A Bone to pick!

Red rice also gives you stronger bones. It is ideal to include in your diet if you are crazy about High Intensity Interval Training or Crossfit. In fact, Supermodel Milind Soman has been quoted more than once singing praises and his fetish for red rice. He has specifically mentioned that he had his daily share of red rice while preparing himself for running and fitness events!


For people with high blood glucose levels, red rice might just be god sent! Several studies have shown Red Rice to be effective in combating high blood glucose levels. Finally, diabetics need not run away from rice like mice from cats. They just have to make the switch and enjoy life again!

Here’s one last secret! The serum which was used to transform Captain America into the super soldier that he became was extracted from Red Rice!