Fat burn, indigestion, bloating, gas,immunity,acidity/heartburn, disease, metabolism,pain management,  energy, stress and well being. 

Before meals, sit with back erect, take 5 - 10 deep breaths ( inhale and exhale deeply) You may choose to bless your food and water at this point or offer gratitude.

 Between every morsel of food, put down spoon/fork, take one deep breath. ( inhale to 2/3rd of your lung capacity and slowly exhale completely ) 

Post meal, take 5 - 10  deep breaths and give thanks for your clean, nutritious meal.

Note: The exhale should be a little longer than the inhale. Follow natural breath.

Everything happens in the presence of Oxygen. Everything !!!! Life happens, healing, prevention, cure, energy.... Everything !!!!

Oxy Plus