Doing everything you can to lose weight, but frustrated with slow or no progress?

Before you change your food plan, exercise schedule, or blow up money on some expensive weight loss product, it may be a good idea to check how your liver is functioning.


The liver is like the best maid you have ever had, when it is functioning at top speed.

It cleans up all the toxins that we put into it, leaving no trace behind. The liver keeps all of our internal systems running smoothly. However, our modern diet, pollutants and our increasing use of personal care products containing toxins put our livers into serious overtime.

Suffice it to say that if you consume any processed foods, use conventional cleaning or personal care products, or smoke or drink excessively, you are laden with toxins and your liver is tired, very tired.

Another primary function that your liver performs is the break down of fat ( fat metabolism), but if your liver is loaded with toxins, it will put it's role of fat breakdown on the back burner and instead clean out toxins.

The cleaner your liver, the faster you break down fat. This is one of the main reasons people struggle to lose weight or burn fat.

Fortunately, nature has provided us with powerful foods that can help our liver flush out toxins and it's important that we eat these foods regularly to help with liver cleanse.

Several people choose to do a liver detox once a month, which is a great idea, but i also suggest that you eat liver cleansing food or drink liver cleansing natural juices daily to keep your organs functioning at it's best.

Age and toxins in your liver are directly connected. The more toxins you have in you, the older you look and the faster you age. Many, many diseases are caused due to the amount of toxins we have in our body. We cannot help circumstances like pollution, pesticides, certain chemicals in processed foods, but we can help reduce toxins by -

Drinking in moderation or taking a break from alcohol often

Stop smoking

Reduce the consumption of processed and packaged foods

Avoid junk food and deep fried food

Reduce medication and instead use herbal cures, or food, exercise and sleep as a natural cure

Listed below are the best foods that can cleanse the liver and boost liver function.

 - Garlic
 - Carrots
- Beets
 - Ginger
 - Green tea ( whole leaf )
 - Turmeric / Curcumin  ( taking curcumin daily cleanses your liver and boosts metabolism)
 - Avocado
 - Grapefruit
 -Spinach and all green leafy veggies
 - Apple -
 - Cold pressed virgin olive oil
 - Sour lime/lemons
 - Citrus fruits ( oranges, pomegranates, sweet limes)
 - Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli
 - Walnuts
 - Whole grains

All the foods listed above are commonly available.

The best detox juice for your liver would be made with -

garlic ( small piece)
ginger ( small piece)
1 tbsp flax seeds

Blend this together and you have a powerful liver cleanser.

Be kind to your liver, and you will see and feel the difference in your health almost immediately....Try Detox Liver Milk Thistle Ultra