A lot is said about water therapy which involves drinking about 5-6 glasses of water every morning when you wake up. The sequence is:

You wake up – take a glass and drink about 5-6 glasses full of water – do not drink or eat anything for 45 minutes – you may have breakfast after 45 minutes.

Today we will talk about a few benefits of following this routine every day!


Water is an essential part of our body. Almost 70% of our bodyweight is water. However, when we sleep there is an extended period when our body does not get any water. It is a great idea, therefore to begin your day with a few glasses of water to even out the water requirement of your body. Whatever depletion has taken place overnight; it is soon made up by consumption of water.


When we are asleep at night, our body releases a lot of toxins as it purifies our body from all the fast food we had the day before. Water early morning helps get rid of all these toxins that has accumulated in your body throughout the night. It essentially acts as a carrier and flushes the poisonous substances through urine.

Renew and Rejuvenate

Water in an empty stomach boosts new cell production throughout your body. You skin heals faster, glows and regenerates last day’s damage extremely easily. Water boosts production of Red Blood Corpuscles and strengthens the bone marrow which helps in production of blood as well.

Lose Weight

Although drinking a litre of water in the morning will increase your water weight momentarily, it will help you in losing weight in the long run. As numerous studies have shown, water early morning boosts your digestive system and when you do not eat anything for 45 minutes, your body breaks down its fat reserves, making you lose fat weight very fast. Click here to try Pure Nutrtion natural weight management Garcinia Cambogia Ultra product for instant result.

Cure illness

Consumption of Water early morning on an empty stomach has been scientifically proven by the Japanese to cure or lessen the effects of numerous health disorders, including, Gastric, Constipation, even Cancer to some extent. Prolonged therapy can build resistance and immunity of our body for some diseases. 

While drinking 5-6 glasses of water at one go may seem difficult at first, but with regular practice, it can easily be done. Slowly your body will adjust to your new routine.

Give this new therapy a try and let us know how you felt!