Green Coffee Bean Extract works like a charm! Read on…Produced from green coffee beans of Arabica plant, the green coffee bean extract is the new trusted ingredient that is getting a lot of attention and for the right reasons at that!

How do the Green Coffee Bean Extracts Work?

First, unlike the coffee beverages, the Green Coffee Bean extract is extremely low on caffeine.

It is laden with polyphenols, which has chlorogenic acids.These acids have antioxidants which work towards removal of harmful radicals from the body. Green Coffee Bean is recommended for weight loss and these acids are the ones to support it. They inhibit the glucose release in the body, thereby, balancing the sugar content in the body. Also, they boost the metabolism of the liver, which helps in burning more fat.

Higher antioxidant content in the beans also lends protection against diseases. It is also very effective in promoting detoxification. Research indicates that green coffee beans have glutathione transferase, an enzyme which acts as a catalyst to help carcinogens to bond. The carcinogens and other harmful elements are flushed from the body, once bonded.

Low in caffeine, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, Green Coffee Extract supports cardiovascular function, fights sign of ageing and assists with weight management without overstimulation. It also boosts metabolism and fights free radicals with antioxidants. 

If you do not have access to Green Coffee Bean Extract, get your daily dose from Pure Nutrition’s Green Coffee Bean with Chromium. It contains two types of raw, unroasted green coffee bean extracts that have 50% chlorogenic acids and natural active compounds – beneficial for your health. But do remember, supplements alone won’t fit the bill. You will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well.