Let’s face it, belly fat can be stubborn. We all have spent hours at the gym without seeing visible results, not losing an inch from the paunch. Make no mistake, getting rid of belly fat, irrespective of whether you are a man or woman, is difficult. Localized burning of fat is a myth. Doing a zillion crunches will not help much in losing that fat. It will essentially give you a six pack, below six layers of fat. Melting belly fat is a steady, long process requiring 3-Ds, Dedication, Determination and Devotion. Here are 5 ways to make your journey a tad easier:

1. Eat Right

Eating low fat and low carb diet does not necessarily mean you are losing the fat from your body. Carbs, or Carbohydrates, are the easiest form of energy available to your body. When you give your body enough energy, it will never hit the reserves. Don’t overdo it on the protein! Unused protein gets stored as fat.

2. Exercise. Don’t Over Exercise

Exercising effectively will get you the desired results, opines Luke Coutinho.

Exercising could be your mortal enemy, if not done right. What works for a pro athlete, may not work for a normal person! Long hours at the gym coupled with nutritional supplements require specialized supervision that go all the way. It could lead to serious injury, nutritional deficiencies and burn out for others. Do what you enjoy – what is smart. You can tackle fat even with a 15 min sprint. Breathing right while working out is of utmost importance. Keep in mind – fat burns in the presence of oxygen!

3. Let the stress go!

Quit taking stress! Stress produces cortisol which, in turn puts your body in fat storage mode. This fat gets accumulated around your mid riff and belly. Cortisol is also produced in people who sleep less. Adequate sleep is necessary for body repair and growth. Sleep for 7-8 hours to avoid cardiac arrest and injury. 

4. Avoid too much!

Too much sugar, too much alcohol, too much exercise, too much stress about achieving your goal – lose it. Let go! Do the rights things for your body. Don’t make lifestyle choices that are poor and that may lead to undesirable consequences. 

5. Right Supplements

Lose it naturally! Together with a healthy lifestyle, Pure Nutrition’s herbal supplements can do wonders to boost your metabolism and induce fat loss. Check out the products which have the essential nutrients that will aid your journey towards living healthy - Try Pure Nutrtion natural weight management Garcinia Cambogia Ultra product for instantly lose belly fat

Good luck!