Sleeping is perhaps one of the most neglected activities in our life. We all want it, but we all choose a couple of hours of TV over it! In reality, however, sleeping adequate is as important as an hour of exercise a day! Here are the top 5 benefits of your daily slumber!

Better Memory

When you sleep, it is that time of the day when your brain gets to take a step back, relax and choose what to store permanently and what to discard. So, sleeping is especially beneficial for people who are in academics, students and whose work involves a lot of remembering. 

Good for the Heart

Sleeping adequate is beneficial for your heart. If you have followed our earlier posts, you must be aware that your heart starts beating when you are born, till you die. However, when you sleep and all your bodily functions are slowed down, your heart gets those few hours of precious rest where it can take it really easy and rest! Your heart is no machine, like you, it needs rest to. Sleep!

Better body!

Sleep is that time of the day when your body repairs itself. Whether you are an athlete, or a regular at the gym, sleep is as important as protein shake. Your damaged tissues get a much needed respite and repair when you sleep. Without enough of it, you will soon collapse and get fatigued.


Sleeping helps your body let go of the stress you carried home from your long day at work. When you sleep, your body releases hormones which relax and calm your body down. Sleep is especially beneficial for people with blood pressure problems and works more effectively than some medicines!

Avoiding mishaps

Sleeping adequate over the night is extremely essential for being alert while you are awake. Studies have shown that people with inadequate sleep seem to lack alertness and precision in motor skills than people with enough sleep. Many road accidents have often been attributed to the driver dozing off while driving. So, for the betterment of all humanity, Sleep! Or you may pose a threat to all of us!

The obvious question comes, how long?

Well, ideally you should sleep till you no longer need to sleep. At least twice a week, sleep without an alarm, and go to bed early. You will automatically wake up when your body has decided it has enough sleep.

Is the bed looking very comfy suddenly? Don’t hold back… go… take a nap!